Sunday, April 24, 2016

Essence Say No to Dark Circles

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Essence's Say No to Dark Circles is a new concealer in their line, along with Say No to Redness and Say No to Imperfections. At $2.99 it's a steal compared to other concealer crayons, but does it work as well? Hmm ...
It is your average twist-up concealer crayon packaging. The color says "20 Bright Rose'" but I didn't see any other concealer shades other than the green one for redness and the yellow one for imperfections. That right there is a bummer, because this is very pink toned, and will definitely not work for everyone's skin color. If you have yellow undertones it's just going to look weird, I can't imagine it will work that great on darker complexions either.
It doesn't apply as creamy as I hoped, it's hard to blend out with anything but your finger, and no matter how I try to set it with powders, it still creases on me within an hour of wearing it. That was odd to me because it's not oily or overly creamy when you first apply it. Usually the drier feeling products are the ones that DON'T crease. 
My overall thoughts on this concealer? It's great that it's only $2.99, but they definitely need to work on the formula.

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