Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Choix: Try High End Products Before Buying a Full Size!

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I was contacted by Choix to review one of their boxes, and the whole idea really intrigued me! They are a company that not only let's you try pretty decent sized samples of high end products for $5 each, but they also have a subscription service where, for $20 a month, you can get 5 samples to try out. 

This is GREAT for people like me who would like to try an expensive product before committing to buying the full size. Also, every $5 you spend turns into credit towards a full size product (all the things they have samples of on the site you can also buy the full size of if you choose to do so!) The credit expires from month to month though, so be sure to use it while you have it! If you sign up with my link here: http://go.referralcandy.com/share/WRT9529 you will get a free sample with your purchase!

I thought rather than do a blog post I would do a full on unboxing video the day my box arrived so that I can share the full experience/my thoughts on it with you all. Hope you enjoy!

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