Saturday, February 13, 2016

BeautyBlender Liner Designer Preview

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Have you guys seen this yet? I wasn't too intrigued to try the Blotterazzis or even the Micro Minis from BeautyBlender, but this looks pretty freakin' cool.
It's essentially a little tool to A) help you do your liner easier and B) achieve all sorts of looks with it. I've also seen pictures of people using it to get even lip liner, and using it as a mascara guard.

It comes in a cute little case with a little suction cup, and I just know this is definitely something I'll grab as soon as it launches in March. Could just be a gimmicky thing, but it seems cooler to use than a piece of tape on your face when you're trying to get a really sharp line (that has never worked well for me, hence the reason I never do it. LOL)

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