Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kat Von D Shade + Light Blushes in Sid + Nancy and Morticia + Gomez

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I picked up two of the new Shade + Light Blushes from Kat Von D in Morticia + Gomez and Sid + Nancy. The shades in this range are gorgeous and I will probably eventually have to get most of them! For now I wanted to go with a light shade and a dark shade to test the pigmentation and see how each one fared, so let's see what I think about them!

They come in boxes with the "Shade + Light" logo on them like the eye and contour palettes have:
I thought the inside was especially cute, because there's little stars everywhere:
You've GOT to love Kat's packaging, right? You can tell a ton of thought goes into everything she creates.
Inside each blush is a little fold out paper telling you about the blush and the Shade + Light face brush that works perfectly with the product.
When you flip the paper over, it shows you how to use the blush shades to chisel your cheekbones, soften angles, and "super slenderize."
The first shade I'm going to talk about is Sid + Nancy. This is the lighter of the two that I purchased. Not sure if you can tell from the pictures or not, but the "KVD" emblem is reflective like a mirror, which I thought was pretty cool. The covers are see-through, which I like because it makes it easier to choose colors when I have them in my makeup drawer. Of course this means there's no compact mirror, but that doesn't really bother me since I don't tend to use them anyway.
It has a rosy bright pink and a pale peachy pink shade:

Here's a swatch of each shade, and then what they look like mixed together:
The lighter shade is going to be light enough for me to highlight on my skin tone, which is awesome. When mixed together they make a fun bright peachy pink. I am going to absolutely love this for spring, I can tell you that right now! 

The other shade I got, Morticia + Gomez, is darker and more suited for the winter months. I have been really into plum colored blushes lately, so I had to try this one!
You get a mulberry shade and a pinky-lavender shade in this one:
Again, here's a swatch of each color and then the two blended together:
When blended, you get a nice plummy shade.

The formula on these is AWESOME. So smooth, blends amazingly, and they make your skin look so nice!! I admittedly don't wear foundation all that much, but when I have this on my cheeks, they look flawless like I am wearing foundation under it. I would classify these as matte, even though they have a satiny texture to them. There's definitely no sparkly or anything like that in either of the colors that I purchased.

Side note: These seem like they'll be really easy to depot, if you want to put them into a Z-palette or something. I for one cannot bear to destroy anything in KVD packaging LOL

I highly, HIGHLY recommend trying these out. At $25 they're a pretty good deal considering the amount of product you're getting and the fact that a lot of other high end blushes start at $34 and up. If you try any of these be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you like them!

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