Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kat Von D Formula X Polish in Piaf

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I'll start this by saying I have no idea why this isn't the same brownish shade as the Piaf lipstick. That's odd to me lol. Instead, this is a purple with lots of shimmer in it. Not a unique shade by any means, but I am in love with the Formula X polish formula, so when I heard Kat was doing a collaboration with them, I HAD to try at least one! Piaf was the one that caught my eye, so I snagged it the day they added them to the Sephora site.
The bottle is the same as the normal Formula X bottles, but it has the KVD logo on it and a cooler "X" designed by Kat.
When it hits the light just right, you can see some blue tones in it, but Piaf is mostly a plummy purple shade.
The formula stays true to all the other Formula X polishes I have tried - doesn't need more than 2 coats, dries quickly, and stays on for days without chipping. I can, on average, get about 4-5 days of wear time with no chipping. That's saying a lot considering how often I'm doing dishes, typing, and working with my hands throughout the week!
Forgive the swatches - my cuticles are a mess right now so I tried to spare you guys having to see them as much as possible LOL. Anyway, I definitely love the Formula X polishes. The Kat Von D ones aren't a must have if you already have similar colors, but the formula in general is amazing so I would choose this over most other purples that I have any day!

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