Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Starlooks Looksbook - Shimmering Future

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I was super excited when I saw the preview for the November Looksbook, because I knew everything in it would be right up my alley - sparkly and fun! The three gift cards this month include $5 towards the Starlooks Boutique, $5 towards your first past Looksbook purchase, and $10 towards the Eyes collection (so any of their eye products).
Here's a quick look at the inside of the box - This month we get a shadow duo, a liquid liner, and a chubby lipstick pencil!
The eyeliner is called Golden Ticket (which instantly makes me think of Willy Wonka and I love it). It has a nice fine tip brush, which I always want in a liquid liner:
It applies smoothly and is very opaque. It's also very sparkly, so use a good makeup remover to take it off, otherwise you might have a glitter mess on your hands!

Then we have the Fortune 500 eyeshadow duo:
This is gorgeous. It's got two duo-chromey sparkly shadows in it. They are a little on the chunkier side of glitter shadows, but with a sticky base they perform well. 
The one on the left is a sandy-beige shade and the one on the right is more of a rose/purple shade. They look different depending on what type of lighting is hitting them!

Last but not least we have the chubby lipstick crayon in Opulence.
I love lip products in this form, and this is a perfect fall shade - it looks almost black in the tube, but is a deep purple berry.
The formula is comfortable and glides on smooth. It has a nice vanilla sent to it. I don't think it's a true matte as it has some shine to it when applied, but after wearing it for a bit it definitely mattes itself out and has AWESOME wear time. I went a few hours before I noticed any fading. It isn't kiss proof, but it is very long lasting!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the November Looksbook! As always, you can sign up for your own subscription HERE for just $12 a month :) STarlooks has also given me a code for my readers to get $10 off any PAST Looksbook. Just use SPHMO10 at checkout!

Also, my video is here:

*Disclaimer: This boz was sent for review purposes. All opinions are my own :)

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