Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette

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Aside from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette, this is probably the nicest holiday palette out there this year. It has a nice mix of colors and of course the formula on these new MUFE shadows it to die for!!
MUFE doesn't name their shadows, so they all have numbers. That is kind of boring, but what can ya do? This palette is broken up into columns that each create a look. I've swatched them all by column so that I can show them together in sets of three that way.
Column 1 is I-550 (Shimmery taupe), S-522 (Satin beige), and I-528 (satin cream).
These are the most neutral shadows of the bunch - the taupe is my go-to transition shade when I use this palette. The beige is almost matte, but leans more towards a satin finish. The cream shade makes a great shimmery highlight.

Column 2 is I-524 (Pale peachy pink satin), S-522 (Shimmery cranberry), and I-528 (Shimmery golden bronze).
This is a very neutral column as well - the pinky-peach shade is a great all over lid color. The cranberry shade is going to be great for holiday looks, and the golden bronze is gorgeous as well!

Column 3 is I-916 (Iridescent lilac), D-830 (Blackened purple with multicolor shimmers), and I-922 (bright purple with slight iridescence).
The lilac has such a pretty iridescence to it that makes it an awesome inner corner highlight. The blackened purple shade is so deep that it looks black until you look at it under a light, and the bright purple is probably the least pigmented in the palette, but definitely workable! It's actually one of my favorite colors in here, you just have to build it up a bit.
Column 4 is D-236 (bright metallic turquoise), S-228 (deep almost-matte teal), and ME-216, a shimmery blue).
This turquoise is so bright and bold. The teal is unlike anything else I have, and the blue is so nicely pigmented - that is difficult to find with blue shadows a lot of times.

The last column has S-102 (a matte black), S-114 (almost-matte gray), and ME-122, a frosty white).
The black is AMAZING. The gray pulls more taupey-gray when it's swatched, I really love that one. And the white is almost metallic.

I've got to say, this palette performs awesomely. You may not like it if you don't like the fact that the only true matte in here is the black - everything else is shimmery/satin/metallic. I do find myself grabbing for another palette to use in conjunction with this one, just because I like mattes mixed with my shimmery looks, but that is all personal preference. There is no denying that this palette is a great deal at $59 considering the single MUFE shadows are $21 each. They are so pigmented and blend amazingly, they're quickly becoming one of my favorite formulas.

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