Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hard Candy Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duos

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Hard Candy came out with 2 new baked highlighters called "Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duos." There is this one which is Twinkle Star, which is a more glittery one, and Candle Lit, which I will show you guys in a second, which gives more of a glowy sheen, a lot like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. Let's have a closer look!
Twinkle Star has a bronzey gold and a champagne shade. They look pretty intense, but they're not nearly as pigmented as I thought they would be. As a matter of fact, they're more like just a sparkly shimmer than an actual pigmented highlighter.
It comes with a little brush that you could make work for this product, but it's kind of flimsy and not that great for much of anything. Here is the bronzey shade:
I put a pretty heavy swatch and this is how it appears when applied.

Here is the lighter shade:
This one is slightly more pigmented but again, it's more of a glitter than anything.
The Candle Lit Duo is a little ore pigmented. This one has a pearlescent pink and a champagne shade.
The pearlescent pink one reminds me of a less shimmery version of MAC's Lightscapade. I took a picture with and without flash to try and show the pink sheen it has:
The the champagne shade:
The powders in this duo are something that you could probably use all over as a setting powder if you wanted a super glowy look, but they work well as subtle highlighters as well.

I think my biggest problem with these duos is the packaging. it's pretty big and bulky, I feel like they should have just been separate compacts instead of side by side like this. I also wish they were a bit more pigmented, because the Hard Candy baked stuff is usually awesomely pigmented. They are $8 each at Walmart, so not too bad for 2 shades of a highlight powder. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review of the new Hard Candy illuminators! They have some more new items as well so be on the lookout for more reviews coming soon :)

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