Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Holiday Palette

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It's my favorite time of the year! The Kat Von D holiday palette is here! This one is set up like a color wheel of awesomeness, and there's lots of matte shades that actually blend, which is always amazing. I know that this might scare some people away because of all the brights, but it has enough neutrals that you can do ANYTHING with this palette!

Last year plenty of people were disappointed with the holiday palette. I honestly didn't think it was bad, aside from the 2 purple shades. There was a glittery purple that was just chunky and dry, and a matte purple that I couldn't get any pigmentation out of. Regardless, this year's palette has none of those issues.

There's 24 shades - 7 neutrals in the middle, and 17 colors on the outside. The packaging is gorgeous. It is cardboard, but very heavy duty. The inner part slides out like an old record, and is completely removable so you can work with just the palette part. Note that there is no mirror in this palette, which really isn't a big deal to me.

Strutter is a matte light tan.

Lyric is an iridescent pink.

Black Metal is a matte black.

Skulls is a shimmery white.

Noble is a pink toned matte nude.

Moulder is a yellow toned matte cream.

Vox is a matte deep brown.

That's it for the neutrals! Now onto the colors. 

Muse is a satiny lavender shade.
Echo is probably my favorite in the palette. It's a blue violet with pink and violet shimmers.

Dark Wave is a matte medium blue.

Synth is an electric matte blue.

Hyperballad is a matte teal. This color is REALLY well done. I've seen some matte teals before that just fail, but this one is gorgeous.

Lemmy is a shimmery army green.

Misfit is a grass green satin.

Vinyl is a lime green satin. This one seems to have a drier texture and is the least pigmented of the bunch.

Legend is a shimmery pale yellow gold.

Fran is a matte golden yellow. When you look really closely it looks like it has a sheen to it, but for the most part it looks matte!

Analogue is a matte true orange.

Harpsichord is a metallic bronze.

Rewind is a shimmery berry.

Destroyer is a matte reddish pink.

Swoon is a matte hot pink.

Love is a shimmery pinkish lavender.

Anthem is a plummy purple satin.

And there you have it! All the beautiful swatches from the Mi Vida Loca palette. I am happy to report that there are no issues with this palette, so don't be scared if you were worried that there might be some dried out shades like last year. No worries!
I am in love. There's SO MANY looks you can do with this, and I think we've all been hoping for a full on rainbow palette from Kat's line since day one. Well, at least those of us who love color lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this swatch fest, and let me know if you're getting the Kat Von D holiday palette!

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