Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Lipstick Set

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For 2015, this is the first mini lipstick set we've seen from Kat that includes a FULL SIZE lipstick! It is in limited edition white packaging, and it's a limited edition shade. I'll get to all that in a second, but can we just admire that rainbow packaging?

Okay, so you get 7 minis and 1 full size lipstick. I think that's a pretty good deal at $42 seeing as how the full size lipsticks are $21 each and the minis always seem to last me forever.

First we have Bachelorette, which I'm pretty sure was included in last year's set as well.
This is a matte reddish fuchsia.

Wolvesmouth is a metallic berry.

Sexer is a hot pink that looks matte but has a slight pink iridescence to it. I'm pretty sure this was in last year's set as well.

Noble is a creamy, pinky-nude.

Halo is a matte bright orange.

NaYeon is a black with tons of silver sparkle.

Coven is a matte lavender, and yes this one is creamier than the full size that I always say is too dry.

Last we have the special holiday shade, Gold Blooded. It's a bright red with tiny gold shimmers in it.

Now just like with last year's lipstick set, they are ALL creamier than the full sized lipsticks. Gold Blooded is pretty creamy as well. I don't know if the holiday stuff is made differently or what, but these are so awesome! Of course, with most of the KVD Studded Kiss lipsticks, the wear time is incredible as well. Not quite as long as the liquid lipsticks, but pretty much the longest as far as normal lipsticks go!

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