Sunday, August 23, 2015

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator in Rose

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L'Oreal recently came out with a line of True Match Lumi items, and I picked up one of the powder illuminators in the shade Rose. I believe there is a silvery one and a gold one too, but this one is that pretty champagne glow shade that I always tend to go for! 
The packaging is a compact with the product on top, and then the product pans flips up to reveal a mirror underneath and a little brush. I never understood products that put the mirror UNDERNEATH the product you're trying to use, but to each their own I guess!

You essentially get 4 colors here - a white, a champagne, a peachy pink, and a darker rosy pink:
I attempted to swatch each color on its own here:
Blended all together, they give a really nice pinky champagne glow. It's not overly shimmery, but it gives that nice soft highlight effect.

The products blends well enough, but is a little stiff and dry feeling  in the pan. I was actually worried about it getting that "hard pan" feeling, but luckily that hasn't happened with it. I think it's just a hard-pressed powder and that affects the way it feels when you touch it in the pan.

These are around $12 depending on where you get them, and I don't think they're worth that much, especially for a drugstore product. It is okay, and I like the fact that we're seeing more drugstore highlighters pop up, but I would wait and get this on sale if you're wanting to try one! Ulta had L'Oreal at 40% off and that is when I grabbed this one, so watch out fot sales like that!

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