Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wet n' Wild Silverlake Collection Embrace Obscurity Palette

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Wet n' Wild has a limited edition collection called The Silverlake Collection, which features some new 6 pan palettes. Now, I have a million Wet n' Wild shadows and hardly ever use them, so I limited myself to just one to try it out. This is the Embrace Obscurity palette, and it caught my eye because of the purples!

Last year around this time they came out with some limited edition stuff that I really wasn't impressed with. The shadows were chalky and blah, it just seemed like they were lacking the quality that Wet n' Wild had been producing. This palette is back to being smooth and pigmented again, much like the 8 pan palettes that we all know and love. 

There are 2 shimmers, 2 mattes, and 2 glitters in the palette. Let's have a look at the colors!

First is a shimmery cornflower blue:

Shimmery white:

Matte baby blue:

Matte lilac:

Glittery bright blue:

Glittery purple:

They are all pretty nicely pigmented and easy to blend. The mattes are a little chalky, but nothing terrible. I've come to expect that from Wet n' Wild mattes. The glitter shades are just matte shadows with silver glitter in them - the glitter doesn't really show up too much once you blend it on the eye.

I believe this was around $3.99 but if you catch a Wet n' Wild sale it will be even cheaper! Definitely not a bad little palette if you like cool toned colors :)

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