Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Ludwig

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Yes, I had to pick up another Lightning Liner! This one is Ludwig and it is such a unique color for an eyeliner. It is a metallic amber, and looks so awesome with a neutral eye!

As with all the Lightning Liners, it has that nice fine brush tip - the product twists up out of it like the Stila lip glaze packaging, so you have to get the hang of using it without pushing too much out. Once you master it, it's a piece of cake to use.
I love the Lightning Liners because, as mentioned in previous reviews of them, they do NOT budge once they're set! You can cry, get caught in the rain, rub your eyes - they won't move until you take them off with a good makeup remover!
This one is not quite as metallic as the other ones that I have, but it's a gorgeous color nonetheless. Definitely a fun and unique one to add to the eyeliner aresenal!

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