Saturday, June 6, 2015

Truly Yours Natural Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay Naked 3 DUPE!

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 You guys LOVED the dupe from Rue 21 for the Urban Decay Electric Palette - and now I've discovered one for the Naked 3! This one is also from Rue 21 and is called the Truly Yours Natural Eyeshadow Palette.

This palette has 10 shades where the UD Naked 3 has 12. That means 2 matte shades are missing from the Rue 21 palette, but it's still a pretty good dupe!
 Just looking at them they are pretty similar, but I will give you up close swatches of everything side by side.

First would be this matte cream, which is a dupe for UD's Strange:
Strange is on the left, the Rue 21 shade is on the right. UD is definitely the more pigmented one here, but the color is pretty spot on.

Next is this shimmery pink-beige, a dupe for UD's Dust:
Dust is more pink where the Rue 21 shade leans more peach.

The Burnout dupe is next:
This one is pretty close again - UD is on the left and Rue 21 on the right. These aren't too far off from one another. Both are very pigmented metallic bronzey peach shades.

Then we have the Buzz dupe:
Buzz is more mauvey pink where the Rue 21 one is a more peachy pink. Both are pretty metallic in finish.

The Trick dupe is next:
Very close again - both metallic golden colors. (UD on left, Rue 21 on right)

Liar dupe:
These are REALLY close, both light browns with a slight shimmer to them.

This greyish brown is the Factory dupe:
Factory is more of a warm brown - the dupe is greyish and cool toned.

The Mugshot dupe is a deep brown:
This one leans a little more red than the original, but it is pretty close.

The Darkside dupe is more matte than the original:
They are still pretty much the same color, just different finishes!

Last but not least we have the Blackheart dupe:
This is another that is really spot on, but the UD original is definitely more pigmented.

I am really impressed with the quality of these Rue 21 shadows. It's definitely a cheap alternative to the Urban Decay palette at just $6.99. You can still get the palette on their website here:

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