Monday, May 18, 2015

NARS Christopher Kane Outer Limits Eyeshadow

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I caved, guys. When I saw how gorgeous the Parallel Universe duo was in person, I thought maybe the single shadow from the NARS Christopher Kane collection would be the same way. I was right! I ordered this from the NARS site when they restocked it (they have been restocking this collection off and on, so if you are looking to get something, keep an eye on it!)

This shadow is called Outer Limits and it is pretty freakin' unique! I can honestly say I have nothing else like it in my collection.
The packaging for this collection is standard NARS packaging with a hot pink logo and "Christopher Kane" printed across the front.
 This color is like super shimmer to the max. It doesn't have much pigment to it, I would call this a pressed glitter that is more suited as a topcoat for other shadows, but boy is it pretty. The best way I've found to use it is over a cream shadow base, as it sticks to it nicely and just looks so much more amazing than on its own.
It's hard to show how pretty this is in a photo, but I tried! It is a peach with peach and pink glitters in it. If you dust this anywhere on your body, it gives an awesome sparkle effect. Like I said, I enjoy it over a cream shadow like the Maybelline Color Tattoos - I fine that it works best like that. Using it on its own, you have to really pack the color on and that can result in a bit of fallout. You might even want to use a glitter base like the LASplash eyeshadow base if you are going to use it on its own.

Aside from some fallout, this shadow is absolutely awesome for summer time. For one, it's glittery, which I always love in the summer. Second, it's a peachy shade, which I don't own a lot of and I sure as heck didn't have any color like this one! Definitely worth a purchase if you're looking for a fun new shadow.

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