Monday, May 18, 2015

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation

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The Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer is a tried and true favorite of mine. My demo video for it on YouTube is my most viewed video, so when I heard that they had a foundation now, I had to check it out. The results are nowhere near as good as the concealer, I am sorry to report!

At first I felt like I couldn't properly review this, because I got a shade that turned out to be too light for me. That doesn't happen to me too often. I got Ivory, which was the second lightest, so the lightest shade must be straight up white if this one is so light. The good thing is that they have options for super pale people! I ended up sucking it up and wearing it for a few days so that I could get a feel for whether I liked it enough to get it in another shade.

I think the biggest plus for this foundation is that it comes in a pump bottle If a $7 foundation can come with a pump, what is wrong with some of these higher end brands? Come on, people!
For me, that's where it stops being awesome. It gives okay coverage, that wasn't an issue. The formula does not work well for me at all. No matter how I applied it, it looked cakey. It constantly wanted to gather at the corners of my nose. Beauty Blender or brush, nothing was helping it. It also isn't great for oily skin - I felt greasy after wearing it for about 15 minutes. That's never a good thing!
 It isn't a very thick consistency, which surprised me because the Glamoflauge concealer is super thick and full coverage. It definitely doesn't give a matte finish, so stay away from it if you don't like the more dewy looking foundations. I don't recommend it for oily skin because like I said, it's a greasy feeling formula. I can't even recommend it for dry skin, because it clings to everything and looks cakey! This is just an all around fail foundation for me, which stinks because I love the concealer. 

I hope that review is somewhat helpful to you guys! For $7 it's super affordable for foundation, but it's just not even worth that if  I can't get it to work for me, you know?

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