Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kat Von D Spring 2015 at Sephora!

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While everyone's getting psyched for the new Urban Decay spring stuff (which looks great, don't get me wrong), I'm over here drooling over all the things Kat Von D released this morning. I'm going to do a round up for you of all the new goods! First is the eye contour brush. Like the brush that came out with the Shade & Light contour palette, this is double ended. It has a pointed smudger on one end and a crease brush on the other, and comes in the same coffin case design as the face brush did.

Next is the thing I think everyone has been waiting for, and that is the Shade & Light Eye Palette:
 This is a gorgeous neutral palette and I am so looking forward to getting it in my hands to review for you all!

Next are the Brow Tattoo pens. Yes, Kat finally has a brow product! I am very curious about these, as I had heard nothing about them until today. There are 4 shades.
Light Brown:
Medium Brown:
Dark Brunette:

Next, she's added new shades to the Lightning Liner line. I have Poe already and can tell you these are EXCELLENT! Super metallic, vibrant color, stays all day long. The new shades are all so pretty, it's making it hard for me to choose what I want!
Ludwig is a metallic amber:
Bach is a metallic electric blue:
Amadeus is a metallic silver:
Gould is a metallic gold:

Lastly, she's come out with colored Ink liners. I have the Ink liner in Trooper and again, it's one of my go-tos.
Neruda is white:
Woolf is gray:
Baudelaire is navy:
Nerdrum is sea blue:
Bukowski is hunter green:
Nietzsche is periwinkle (such a unique color for a liner!)
Dali is teal:
Bosch is olive:
Hemingway is espresso:

So there we have it, a bunch of new goodies from Kat Von D! I ordered some stuff today because I can't wait for the VIB sale to start Sunday, apparently. I don't trust it! lol with my luck the colors I want will sell out and take forever to come back in stock. There's all this, and then the other new things are set to launch in July!!!

As far as I know so far, she is set to release new metallic liquid lipsticks and new Studded Kiss lipstick shades. I haven't heard yet if there's anything else set to come out this summer or if it's just the lipsticks, but either way I am pretty excited for it.

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