Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Color

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I received a set of hair chalks from the brand Wicked Crown to review - I have tried hair chalks in the past, but they were dry ones. With these, you have to apply them to damp hair or they won't work. Let's take a look.
You get 12 colors in the set, a pretty good variety if you ask me. They come in a little cardboard case.
These absolutely can't be used unless your hair is damp - they won't work at all. I recommend wearing an old shirt or draping an old towel over your shoulders, so that you don't stain your clothing while doing this. I should mention that my hair naturally dark, but was blue at the time that I used these and they still showed up on it.
I used the yellow, pink and purple to show how the color shows up. I was surprised to see the lighter colors actually work. However, the downside here for me is that you have to wet your hair. I have naturally curly hair but I like to straighten it, so it's such a hassle to do it this way. If they were just dry chalks I would like them much better. You can straighten over them with a flat iron, but that tends to wipe some of it away, as they're only temporary of course. If you were to wear the color all day, I recommend setting it with hairspray so it doesn't get everywhere. 

When I brush through my hair with the color in it, most of it comes out, so you don't necessarily have to wash your hair right after if you don't want to. They are supposed to last for 5 days, but like I said, they brush out pretty much all the way if you comb through the color, so it doesn't last for me. I would imagine the dark colors like the purple and black might stain blonde hair a bit, so I would be careful of that if you're not wanting the color to stick around for any longer than a day.

I think that these are a fun way to add bits of color to your hair, maybe more for kids than people my age, because I don't really like how stiff it makes the colored sections look. Like I said, you can brush through it but it takes out most of the color if you do that. I prefer the dry hair chalks, but this was fun to try out!

You can purchase the hair chalks HERE.

*This product was sent for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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