Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser

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At $39 the new cleansers from GlamGlow are significantly cheaper than their $69 masks. I lovelovelove the original mask, but I had bought it from Amazon when it was $35 and I can't seem to find it that cheap anymore. You get 5 oz. of product in this cleanser while you only get 1 oz. with the mask. Yes, the mask is stronger, but this cleanser is pretty amazing and so worth it.

First of all, there are different cleansers just as there are different masks - the original mask, SuperMud, was more for oily skin, so that is why I got the Supercleanser.
With this, you are supposed to apply it to your face while your face is dry, and then wet your hands and work it in a circular motion. It is called a "mud to foam" cleanser, but I honestly have never seen it foam much. The more water you add to it, it does start to get slightly foamy, but nothing major. I've even used it with my Clarisonic and it doesn't get very foamy. 

It looks and smells just like the SuperMud mask, except it doesn't have the chunks of black stuff in it. It has a nice pump on it that lets you easily control how much comes out (you're supposed to use 2 pumps for your whole face) but I notice, with mine at least, that once you pump it down once it tends to get stuck and you have to pull it back up yourself. That is probably the only downside with this packaging!
I've got to say, this makes my face feel just like it does after I use the SuperMud mask - very clean, cool, and refreshed. I really, really love this stuff. 

I've heard people say they went through a "purging period" with this where they broke out from using it and their skin looked worse before it got better. That can happen with powerful cleansers and products like this that get deep into the pores and dredge up all the junk. Luckily I only got a few pimples and then my face was clear again. I've never had problems with acne even though I have really oily skin, so I lucked out in that area. I wouldn't recommend this one if you have sensitive skin, just because everything from GlamGlow seems to be very heavy duty when it comes to cleansing and it might cause you more harm than good. Other than that, I am hooked on this brand and love this cleanser!

I did a first impressions video the first time I washed my face with this - if you would like to see, here it is:

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