Thursday, February 5, 2015

MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre from the Toledo Collection

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Guys, if ever there was a product that I MASSIVELY regretted not buying. it was Azalea Blossom. I can't remember what collection it originally came out with, but it was when I first started really getting into makeup and I passed on it. Little did I know how much I would be lusting after this blush for years to come. Now it's back with the Toledo collection, and I couldn't be happier to get my hands on it!!

I'm not a huge fan of the design on the packaging, but whatever. To each their own. It is in a nice magnetic square compact, but it does not have a mirror inside - this surprised me, because they jacked the prices of these babies up to $32 a piece for this collection. For that price, I think it should include a mirror!

I am happy to announce I don't have a "hard pan" issue with this one like I did with the Proenza Schouler blush ombres. I managed to fix those, however, by scraping off the top layer with a stiff stippling brush (I used the Real Techniques one) and now they work beautifully. Just a tip to those of you who had the same problem!

I was worried about ordering, because again, MAC had issues going on with their website. They had all the blush names mixed up with the wrong pictures, but thankfully they fixed it right as the collection launched. 

This is probably the prettiest blush EVER to look at! I love it so much, and I am glad I finally grabbed it. I was thinking about getting the other 2, but there was no pro discount on these and I just couldn't justify $32 each for 3 blushes. It was pushing it for this one, but I had been wanting it for so long I just couldn't pass it up again!

On the left is just the pink, in the middle is the purple, and on the right is the 2 blended together:

Beautiful, beautiful blush. It's very soft and going to be perfect for spring! Which, by the way, can't come fast enough here in Massachusetts - we keep getting buried in snow! Did you guys pick up anything from the Toledo collection? I am pretty excited for the things MAC has coming up - Cinderella collection in March and their summer collection looks AMAZING!

For live swatches of the blush, check out this video:

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