Saturday, February 21, 2015

ColourPop Hyper Glossy Lippie Stix

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ColourPop recently introduced a new finish in their line of lipsticks, "Hyper Glossy." These are incredibly smooth, buttery, and pigmented. I picked up all 4 colors (hopefully they'll be coming out with more!)

Corset is a true lavender. For some reason my camera kept picking it up wayyyyy off color in these pictures, but the lip swatch is true to what it actually looks like!
As you can see, super shiny finish and you can tell just by looking at it how creamy it is!! This color is really, really similar to MAC's Dodgy Girl, one of the most coveted lipsticks from the Osbourne Collection, so if you missed out on that you might want to pick this up! The only difference is that Dodgy Girl is matte.

Cupid is a light peachy coral.
This one looks horrible on me by itself. I definitely will get use out of it, but I have to use it as a mixer shade to lighten other colors. It's far too light for it to look good on it's own on my skin tone.

Go Fish is a bright hot pink. Again, my camera was being ridiculous the day I photographed these - I think it's time for a new light box lol. The first 2 pictures come up a little darker than the color actually is. You can see the actual color in the lip swatch.

Last but not least is Juicy, another hot pink but this one has more of a coral tinge to it.
This is probably my favorite - it's so bright and fun and is going to be awesome for spring!

I cannot say enough good things about the ColourPop Lippie Stix. The fact that they added a new finish is just an added bonus! These seriously last on my lips for hours upon hours (the darker colors will stay all day, no touchups needed). This "hyper glossy" finish is so smooth and buttery, it's hard to top! And as always, I have to mention the fact that they are only $5 a piece. ColourPop also has blushes now, which are $8 each - look for a review on those coming soon!!

I talk more about the Lippie Stix in this video:

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