Saturday, February 28, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

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I recently made a Sephora order and had a code to try out a sample of the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara. While it is pretty good, I don't think I will be shelling out $24 for the full size one!

The tube is pink and black. I know the full sized one looks like it has an actual hair roller on the cap instead of just the plain pink that this one has.
The wand is thin with tiny rubber bristles - I tend to like these kinds of wands the best because they seem to grab my lashes the best and coat them all evenly. 
The mascara is a pretty dry formula, so it dries almost instantly. I fin that it's hard to comb through to add a second coat once your first coat dries - that is its only downfall. It does noticeably curl and lengthen my lashes.

Here are my bare lashes:
One coat:

Two coats:
It is a nice mascara, but nothing life changing here. I wouldn't pay $24 for it, that's for sure! (I think the most I've ever spent on mascara is $19 and I felt weird doing that haha!) Mascara is one of those things that I think you can find drug store dupes for every single one that is more expensive or "high end." I don't see the need to spend more on it when I can get something else I've been wanting instead. I have a few mascaras open right now that I am rotating through, and all but one are drug store brands. 

I personally like mascaras that thicken and darken, just because I have pretty decent lashes length-wise. This one definitely doesn't thicken them too much, so I would get better use out of it if I layer it with another mascara that does thicken my lashes, like the Maybelline Rocket Volum'.

Check out my first impressions/first time trying it here:

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