Thursday, January 1, 2015

NYX Wicked Lippie in Immortal

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My initial thought when the NYX Wicked Lippies were released was, "Holy crap are those gorgeous, but I'm never going to wear them." They are all deep gem tone shades and very metallic. Well, I finally caved and got the purple one, Immortal.

I absolutely love this color. Will I wear it much? probably not, but it sure is fun to have!
I'm proud to report that the tubes on these don't seem to be as flimsy as the Macarons. Those literally fall down into the tub if you don't hold onto them while applying. However, even though this one is creamy, it's a very slippery formula. It's one of those lipsticks where you feel like you have to constantly check and make sure it's not on your teeth because it feels like it's getting everywhere

Other than that, the color is extremely pigmented and feels creamy on the lips. 
I do wish the staying power was a little bit more ... Powerful. If you eat, forget it, because it's coming off! I feel like I have to touch it up every hour or so otherwise. So, not the greatest formula-wise, but very awesome color-wise!

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