Thursday, January 1, 2015

Formula 10.0.6 Down to The Pore Pore Strips

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You guys are probably getting sick of my Formula 10.0.6 reviews, but this is the last of them that I have for right now! I just wanted to do a quick review on this product that I recently tried, because I had them in a haul video on my YouTube channel and said I didn't like them, but then changed my mind! These are the Down to the Pore pore strips. Apparently I didn't use the first strip I tried correctly, because I go it too wet and it did pretty much nothing. However, the second try was much more successful.

You get 6 in the box, and they are each individually packages like this:

They are stuck to a plastic piece that you have to remove. You're supposed to wet your nose with warm water before sticking this to it, much like any other pore strip. This is where I had the problem!
I regret not taking picture of the actual process, but the first strip I used, I had too much water on my hands/nose when touching it, and the top got wet. DO NOT get the top of it wet, because it didn't want to dry and just got rather goopy and made a mess on my nose. I was disappointed, but I figured I just did it wrong. I was correct, because the second time I just got my nose slightly damp with a facecloth, and it worked like a charm. 

I would say (when used correctly) that these are quite comparable to the Biore strips, which have always been my favorite. These are a little bit cheaper at around $5.99. I got mine from Ulta!

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