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Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette Review & Swatches!

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Here we go! I posted a few weeks ago about the new stuff for spring from Kat Von D, and it looks like the first thing to come out was the Innerstellar palette! There's also a Shade & Light Eye palette, a Shade & Light Contour palette, a face primer, and a double ended face brush in a coffin case! Not much info on that stuff yet, but with the Innerstellar palette coming out, I'm sure the other stuff will follow shortly. If you're familiar with Kat Von D launches, it seems like stuff pops up over the period of a few weeks instead of all popping up on Sephora at once.

This palette is the same size and same format as the Monarch and Chrysalis palettes. I do like it, but I really miss the tin case packaging! I also miss that it doesn't have a cool drawing on it or anything. The silvery planet looking things are cool and I'm sure she still designed it, but it doesn't compare to my favorites like the Metal Orchestra palette and Gypsy palette!

The back, as usual, has the color names. These all have to do with astrology, so it's quite fitting and goes along with the whole theme!

I initially wasn't extremely excited about the colors when I first saw the picture of it on Instagram. It looks a lot like the Chrysalis palette at first glance. However, I ended up falling in love with it as I do with most KVD palettes because it is so nice in quality.

I will of course do a rundown and swatches of all the colors, but I first have to say that this one is right on par with the quality of the Monarch and Chrysalis palettes. There aren't any duds in here like what happened with the purple shades in the holiday Studded palette.

The larger shades across the top are base shades, so they're about twice the size of the normal shadows. That's a good thing because they're definitely colors I see myself using in almost every look.

Gravitron is a pearly iridescent pink:

Vast is a satiny taupe:

Lycan is a matte cream:

And here are the three swatched:

Now for the other shades, here's a quick couple of shots of them before I do close-ups:

Nightcrawler is a matte greyish taupe:

Dios is a gray with a slight purple sheen to it. This one is definitely unique:

Lunacy is a midtone purple. It actually swatches differently than it looks in the pan. Not bad, but it was a surprise:

Astrological is a lilac satin. If you're looking for a true lilac shade that isn't powdery like most of the ones I've come across, this is it!:

Darkstar is a deep metallic purple-pewter shade:

Orion is a matte brown:

3am is a metallic beige champagne:

Moonshine is a crazy metallic silver:

Killing Moon is a deep matte black:

I have no issues with this palette! Al the colors are smooth, blendable, and gorgeous. I've even noticed that they don't seem to kick up as much product as past palettes when you put your brush to them, yet they still manage to have that super soft texture. I don't know what they were thinking when they released the Studded palette, but those 2 shades that I had problems with seemed to turn everyone off of her shadows. Listen guys, it was just that one - I've never had that issue with her palettes before! Except for the cream shadows in her first few palettes that she ever released, which were a bad idea because they dried up in about a month, and I'm glad they never did those again lol.

All in all, this is a great palette to add to the ever-growing Kat Von D collection that I have, and I will be using this a lot!!

Live swatches are in my video review for anyone interested :)

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