Tuesday, November 11, 2014

KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler

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Today I have a fun review for you guys - the KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler! Most of my review is going to be in the video below, just because I thought it would be much easier to show you how this product works in action in a video than just showing you a bunch of pictures. This was sent to me to review, but I am giving you my honest opinion about it.

The InstaWave is like a normal curling iron barrel with teeth around it that spin in either direction. These teeth hook onto your hair and spin it around the barrel for you to create the curls. The iron has a low and high setting, and will go up to 420 degrees. I thought this was great, because I have very thick hair and I need a higher heat setting than what most drugstore irons have.

The cord coming out of the bottom of the InstaWave spins, so it doesn't get tangled or act annoying when you're maneuvering the wand.

Here is a close up of the controls - the little indicator light will turn red while the device is heating up, and blue when it is ready to use. The arrows let you spin the teeth left or right to create curls in different directions.

The InstaWave will automatically shut off after 90 minutes in the event that your forget to turn it off. That's always a nice feature to have! Now before I go ahead and show you the demo video/my first impressions, I'm going to include a few pictures of the curl results I got after I used this. Keep in mind that I normally have thick, messy curls so I straightened my hair before using the InstaWave.

I think it created some nice, flowy curls. Granted you can take a bunch of tinier sections and get a more defined look, but I like the way this turned out! I mention it in the video, but I also did this on hair that hadn't been washed for 2 days because I always find it holds style better when it hasn't been washed that day.

You can purchase and find out more about the product here: http://kissinstawave.com/

And here's the video!

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