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ColourPop Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencils!

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I have a few Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils from ColourPop to talk about today. I initially had 2, and then i ordered 2 more so that I would have one of each finish to review for you guys. I've got to tell you, I'm even more impressed with these products than their eyeshadows that I reviewed recently! They have a huge range of shades in these and they keep coming out with new ones, so let me show you what I picked up.

Each LippieStix lipstick has a corresponding Lippie Pencil lipliner shade. They work together pretty amazingly. The lipsticks come in 4 different finishes (glossy, satin, matte and pearlized), but all the pencils I've tried are matte.

The packaging is the same for both the lipsticks and the pencils - it is white and has holographic writing on it, much like the eyeshadow packaging.

The first one here is a glossy finish, and it is called Skimpy. This is my new favorite nude lip!!
 With Skimpy, the liner is slightly darker than the lipstick, which I LOVE. I love the way they work together, because on it's own Skimpy is a pretty light nude, but together they are absolutely perfect. It's one of those nudes that is nice and doesn't make you look sickly because it's TOO light.
The pencil is very smooth and glides on nicely. The only gripe I have with the packaging is that I wish it twisted up - the packaging is plastic and you have to sharpen it, and in my experience that doesn't always go well. I haven't had to sharpen them yet but my fingers are crossed that it won't be disastrous!
I really love the packaging of the lipsticks. It is in a long twist-up tube and comes out at an angle. It is nice that you don't have to worry about pushing it out too far or anything and having it break. As I said, Skimpy is a glossy finish and it is SO smooth and creamy. It honestly feels just like the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks at a fraction of the price!
You can see here that the liner is darker than the lipstick. The lipstick gives a nice glossy finish. I find that the glossy finish doesn't last as long on the lips as the others, but I can still get long wear out of it if I'm not eating/drinking. In that case, it just needs to be touched up afterwards. 

Wifey is a bright hot pink and the liner is pretty much the same shade as the lipstick.
Again, the pencil applies smooth and creamy, and the color is right up my alley!
I love the finish of the lipstick. Super smooth, with just a hint of shine to it. When I wear these together, it seriously stays on my lips all day, even WITH eating and drinking. I couldn't believe it the first time I wor it! I can't speak for the other satin finishes, but this shade gets two thumbs up for sure.

Now I went for a couple of shades out of my comfort zone. Leather is a deep purple and the lipstick is a matte finish.
The liner looks black because it is so dark! I found this one to have a drier texture when applying it, but nothing too bad.
It swatches as a nice deep berry color. There's a little bit of patchiness with this one, but once the lipstick is applied on top, it's fine.
The lipstick is again, a little drier than the other finishes because it is a matte. I have to be careful applying this one because it is so dark, but it is SO pretty! I also don't find it to be drying on my lips, which is nice because so many matte lipsticks are like that.
I really wish my lips weren't chapped in this picture! haha it made the lipstick look kind of patchy, but it will look smooth as long as your lips aren't dry. (I had an excuse - I was sick!! lol)

Last but not least we have probably the craziest color of them all, Wet. This is a pearlized finish and it is a metallic taupe shade. Really weird and out of my comfort zone, but I was intrigued by it!
The pencil is nice and creamy, but doesn't have a metallic finish to it like the lipstick does.
It swatches more like a matte brown shade than anything else.
I don't know what it is, but I just think this is so pretty! The lipstick glides on really smooth and is probably the most pigmented metallic lipstick I've ever tried. 
I actually REALLY like putting a hot pink over this and mixing it, because it makes a cool purple-y metallic shade.

So final verdict? I am in LOVE with these lip products. The finishes all have great lasting power, but like I said, the glossy one needs to be touched up after eating/drinking. I found that the matte fades slightly in the center of the lips after eating, so that needs to be touched up as well. My favorite has to be Wifey, because I am amazed that I can get all day wear out of a $5 lip product. 

None of these are drying on the lips, which really surprised me. The Lippie Pencils have no scent to them, but all of the Lippie Stix have a vanilla scent to them. I really think the only improvement to make would be putting the pencils in twist-up packaging. Other than that, they've got a pretty solid product here!

I've become such a huge fan of these in the few short weeks that I've been using them. I love that they have such a wide array of colors and keep coming out with new ones. I highly, highly recommend checking them out and I really hope they stay as affordable as they are now because I am loving it!!

You can see live swatches of the items in these videos:

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