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Lorac Mega Pro Palette

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This palette has had so much drama surrounding its release. It was one of those things that everyone got SUPER excited for when it was first announced - double the size of the regular Lorac palettes, only 4 repeat shades, and only $59 when the normal ones are $42. I have a split opinion on the "dramatic release" that I'll just get out of the way real fast here before going on to the review ...

 On one hand, I don't like that they sent out an email picturing it WITH the Royal Collection on October 1st saying it was available. It was even on the website and allowed you to add it to the cart, but then you couldn't check out. Soon after it said it was sold out, and then they sent an apology announcement saying it's not sold out, it was a website glitch, and the palette would be available on October 7th. I can see why people were upset, because I sure was annoyed after that. Then October 7th came and though the Lorac site was insanely slow, I was able to order it that day. It was available all day long that day, so it wasn't all that hard to get. The Lorac site was the way to go with this one. It was also available on Amazon a few sporadic times, but people were receiving those broken and smashed because apparently they were only shipping them in padded envelopes. That's a big no-no with eyeshadow, Amazon!!

All in all, if you knew to watch for the palette on the 7th, it wasn't hard to get on the Lorac site. That's just my 2 cents lol. It did take quite a while to get to me, but I'm thankful that they had it in a box, double layered in bubble wrap, so it didn't break. Now the big question, was this palette worth all the hype?


The palette itself is red and has that same sort of rubbery feeling cardboard packaging that the Lorac Pro palettes have. It has a magnetic closure, a big mirror, and 32 shades of shadows. The top 2 rows are mattes and the bottom 2 rows are shimmers.
The main thing you'll notice with this palette is there isn't a lot of blue/green in it. You have deep teal, which is a blackened teal shade, and Indigo, which is a dark purple with loads of glitter. Other than that, the palette is pretty neutral and everyday wearable type colors!

Instead of just doing rows of swatches on my arm, I decided to do each shadow individually. I hope this is helpful! The colors names are, for the most part, pretty self-explainatory as far as what the color is, but I will describe them anyway.

Cream is a matte off-white/light cream shade that works great as a matte highlight for fair skin tones.

Fawn is a yellowish cream.

Camel is a yellow toned beige.

Sepia is a warm tan.

Dusty Plum is a light mauve. I really love using this one as a transitional color.

Orchid is a pale lavender pink.

Mulberry is a matte cranberry. This shade is pretty unique, though it does give me a few issues when trying to blend it.

Espresso is a deep brown.

White is a really pigmented white, but it does have a slight shimmer to it and isn't completely matte.

Khaki is a very light brown khaki shade.

Brown is a medium brown.

Stone is a grayish brown.

Lilac is a very pale lavender.

Wisteria is a purplish mauve.

Gray is a blue based deep gray.

Black is a smoky charcoal. It's not the most pigmented black ever, but it's definitely buildable.

For the most part, all the mattes are awesome. I don't find them chalky at all, though a lot of people have described them as that. To me, there's a difference between chalky and soft. These are all soft, smooth, and buttery. Mulberry does give some blending issues, but it's nothing that can't be worked out. Now for the shimmers!

Opal is a cream with tons of gold shimmer. This looks awesome layered over darker shades!

Sand is a yellow-beige.

Copper is a light metallic copper shade.

Sienna is a warm brown.

Apricot is a peach with silver sparkle.

Blush is a pale baby pink.

Merlot is a deep wine.

Indigo is a blackened purple with purple, pink and blue sparkles. This is probably my favorite shade in the palette, and it was the shade that got me most excited for it when I first saw it!!

Vanilla is a shimmery white.

Cashmere is a warm champagne.

Smokey Topaz is a metallic light brown.

Dusty Rose is a pale brownish pink. This one is only slightly shimmery, and I love using it as a transition shade.

Granite is a deep brown with multi-dimensional glitter.

Maroon is not really maroon at all, but more of a reddish brown. 

Deep teal is a blackened teal.

Caviar is a black with slight silver sparkle. The sparkles don't transfer well onto the skin, so it's really like a second black in the palette.

I hope that if you really wanted this palette, you were able to get it. It's a really great one to add to your makeup arsenal. While there are a ton of neutrals in it, there are also enough fun colors to make endless amounts of looks! I definitely love the quality of Lorac shadows. Yes, they are soft and can have falllout, but that is why you should tap your brush off before applying! I also think it's a steal at $59. Again, that's probably one of the main reasons people were so excited for it. I hope you guys enjoyed this review!

My full video review of the palette can be viewed here:

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