Friday, October 17, 2014

Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigment in Royal

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The shade Royal from Ardency Inn finally went back in stock on the Sephora site, so I had to scoop it up. This is one that I'd heard a ton of awesome things about, and just had to have it. It's a frosty deep violet shade that has a hint of a bluish flash to it in the light. Have a look!

Now the first shade I ever tried from them was a matte, so it was nice to see that this frosty type finish is just as smooth and nice to work with. It is EXTREMELY pigmented, and blends like a dream.
This shade is somewhat similar to "Urban" from the Urban Decay electric palette, but this one is slightly more blue and has a frostier sheen to it. For a color as dark as this, I am completely impressed with how it blends with other shadows, and I don't get fallout of any kind when using it. 

Another awesome thing about it is that it doesn't lose its vibrancy throughout the day. At night when I go to remove my makeup, it's still just as bold as when I first put it on in the morning. That gets it some major bonus points!

I've got to say, Ardency Inn is a great brand to watch out for - I can't wait to see what else they come out with!

If you would like to see a live swatch and see it compared to Urban from UD, check out this video:

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