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Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book

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As usual, the Kat Von D holiday palette is a beauty! This is probably the thing I get the most requests for every holiday season to review, so I had to snatch it up as soon as it came onto the Sephora site. Let's take a look!

This palette is the same size as last year's Spellbinding palette, but it feels a lot more heavy duty. It has "studded" star designs on the front which is a little different from her usual artwork on the covers of her palettes. It looks great though!
The back of the box gives you all the shade names:
And once again, they used the plastic overlay with all the names on the inside. I wasn't expecting to see this again this year, because I found it to be annoying last year, and it seemed like every other review I saw said the same thing! At any rate, you can always bend it back and out of the way.
This year they also included a mirror on the top, which is nice.
You get 24 shades inside, which are again split up into color coordinated quads:

First we have Solar, Nephilim, Platonic, and Mandala:
Solar is a matte pinkish fleshtone shade.
Nephilim is a golden brown shimmer.
Platoni is a peachy orange with a hint of a green sheen.
Mandala is a true, bright orange matte. LOVE this one!!

Damned, Division, Depeche, and Brass Knuckles:
Damned is a matte yellow-toned cream.
Division is a deep shimmery olive green.
Depeche is a medium brown with gold shimmer.
Brass Knuckles is a light yellow gold shimmer.

Anti-Star, Estrella, Black Star, and Star Flyer:
Anti-Star is a shimmery white.
Estrella is an iridescent navy blue.
Black Star is a super dark matte black with silver glitter.
Starflyer is a matte bright blue. This is like Urban Decay's Chaos, only 100 times more blendable and less chalky!

Banshee, Violator, Gothica, and Fascination Street:
 Banshee is a very light matte pink.
Violator is a pale lilac with a satin finish.
Gothica is very dry and hard to get any color payoff - I don't know if I got a dud or not! In the pan it's a very pretty sparkly purple, but it just doesn't perform when swatched.
Fascination Street is a matte violet. Again, it seems very dry and hard to get any color payoff from it. 

Moz, Heaven Knows, Smiths, and Leather:
Moz is a matte very light tan shade.
Heaven Knows is a satin tan.
Smiths is a shimmery medium brown.
Leather is a dark matte brown, and has been in a few of her palettes before.

Crosses, Covenant, Craft, and Cult:
Crosses is a very pale peach with silver sparkle. The sparkle is so subtle that it doesn't really translate when you use it.
Covenant is a very deep olive with gold and copper shimmer.
Craft is an army green with blue, green, and gold sparkles in it.
Cult is a lime green with gold and green sparkles.

Overall, I love the color selection in the palette. For the most part they all perform amazingly, but the purple quad is kind of disappointing, with Gothica and Fascination Street being so dry. Like I said, maybe I got a dud? I'm interested in seeing some other reviews so I can see if I'm not the only one! 

Mandala and Starflyer are the standout shades in this one. They're both matte, and I find that Kat Von D mattes perform above and beyond others that I've tried. Not only are both these shades bright and insanely pigmented, but they blend beautifully and you don't get that chalkiness and fallout that a lot of matte shadows tend to have. 100% love those colors!

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Check out my video for live swatches!

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