Saturday, September 13, 2014

MAC Blush in Sideshow You From The Simpsons Collection

Sideshow You was the "online exclusive" blush from The Simpsons collection, meaning you could only get it online and the MAC stores/counters wouldn't sell it. I personally liked this one the best because, while Pink Sprinkles was pretty, I have SO MANY pink blushes that I couldn't justify getting another. This one, however, is a pretty coral peach shade.

Again, like I said with the lipglass I reviewed already, the packaging is adorable. The compact is probably my favorite out of everything in the collection. For one, it's bigger than a regular MAC powder blush - this is .33 oz. of product and a regular size MAC blush is .21 oz. 
The image of Marge is raised up on a yellow disc, and the mirror on the inside is lined with yellow.
And of course, Marge is printed on the product itself, making it THAT much cooler. Here it is with flash:
And without:
This is a really natural looking blush that isn't hard to work with. It's pretty nicely pigmented and blends well, but it's not one of those blushes that's easy to go overboard with and look like a clown - it's light enough that you can build it up to the color you want. When I swatch it on my hand, it has a satin looking finish, but it honestly looks matte when applied to the face.

On the left is a heavy swatch and on the right it's blended out:

I've really been enjoying this blush and I'm glad I picked it up! This was the first thing I saw photos of when I heard there was going to be a Simpsons collection, and it was the first thing I definitely knew I had to get from it!

If you would like to see a live swatch, check out my Simpsons Haul!