Wednesday, September 17, 2014

LORAC Pro 2 Palette

I need to hop on the Lorac palette bandwagon here, folks. I'm so excited for the Pro Mega palette coming out next month that for some reason I felt I needed the Pro 2. The navy blue in this palette has been calling to me since I first saw it, so I picked it up on a whim last time I was at Kohl's. Let me tell you, this does not disappoint! 
You get 16 beautiful, buttery shades in this palette, and I love that there's some color in there so it's not just another full-on neutral palette.

Here's a quick close-up of the shadows:

I am so impressed with the pigmentation and smoothness of all of the shades. Some of them can kick up a lot of product, but as long as you're making sure to tap your brush before applying, it's all good! Let's take a look at the colors ...

Buff is a light cream matte:
Lt. Brown is a very light brown matte:
Cool Gray is a pale gray matte:
Nectar is a pale peach matte:
Here are those 4 shades swatched:
Buff, Lt. Brown, Cool Gray, Nectar

Plum is a deep purple matte:
Navy is a deep navy matte:
Charcoal is a medium gray matte:
Black is a black matte:
And swatches:
Plum, Navy, Charcoal, Black

Snow is a white shimmer:
Beige is a beige shimmer:
Rose is a golden pink shimmer:
Mocha is a medium brown shimmer:
Snow, Beige, Rose, Mocha

Chrome is a taupe shimmer:
Silver is a silver shimmer:
Jade is an olive green with gold shimmer:
Cocoa is a chocolate brown shimmer:

As you can see, these shadows are insanely pigmented. I like that the top row is all mattes and the bottom is all shimmers - it seems a lot more organized that way than a lot of other palettes. My favorite shades are Navy, Chrome and Jade, though the entire palette is a real beauty. It's kind of making me wish I bought the first Lorac Pro, but I DO NOT need it - willpower, willpower!! Especially with Vice 3 coming, the Lorac Mega Pro, and all these other holiday things - there's too much eyeshadow and too little time!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I am going to try my best to get my hands on the Pro Mega when it comes out, though I have a feeling it's going to sell out fast. Here's hoping we can all snag one before they're gone for good! There's no word yet on whether or not it'll be permanent, though it would be pretty cool. I'm thinking it's just going to be their holiday palette and that's it. Time will tell, right? It was originally set to be released in November, but got bumped up to October. Yay!


  1. have you heard whether or not Kohl's will sell the Mage Pro? It's worth camping out at Kohl's for me - TOTALLY!

    1. I haven't heard anything else about it unfortunately! I know it didn't take Kohl's long to get the Pro 2 palette in, so if this one isn't limited edition they should have it!