Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hard Candy Single & Loving It Eyeshadow in Oink!

Hard Candy has some new single shadows out, and it's taken forever for my Walmart to get them! I finally spotted them and picked up this one in "Oink!" They definitely remind me of the Stila Countless Color Pigments with the way they have all different shades marbled throughout. This one is a mix of champagne, baby pink, and tan, all shimmery shades. Let's have a look!

I will say don't buy these if you're looking to use the individual shades - it's too difficult to get a brush to focus on picking up just one color. You really have to just swirl them all together and use it that way. They are fun to look at, though!
As I mentioned, all the colors are shimmery, so you end up with a shimmery, very pale pink color. I tried to get different shades out of it, but as you can see,  it pretty much all looks the same.
I was surprised with the pigmentation, it's actually really nice! At only $3 they're definitely worth trying out. These have been at Walmart for a while now, but like I said - if yours is like the one near me, they take forever and a day to get new stuff in! A lot of their new stuff is also on the website now, so you can always check out to order them if your store still doesn't have them :)

I talk more about the shadow in this video:


  1. I've always seen this at my local Wal-Mart, but never thought to pick them up. I guess I just always thought they would be hard to use because of the mixture of colors and when mixed they would never be the exact same color. After seeing this post however, this shades looks very pretty and I may take a second look at these now!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Bloglovin'

    1. Yeah I wasn't sure at first but it ended up being pretty nice! :)