Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hard Candy Contouring Face Trio in 3X A Lady

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I've been lusting after the new Hard Candy Contouring Face Trios for a while. I held off on trying one for two reasons. 1, my Walmart, as I've mentioned before, takes forever to get the new Hard Candy items in. 2, I'm cheap when it comes to online shipping, and if I cannot find a free shipping code or some sort of discount code, I usually won't order lol. Because Walmart never seems to have free shipping codes unless you spend $50 or more, I was out of luck until my store FINALLY got them in.

This is an absolutely gorgeous face product. They have a few different shades, but I just loved the peachy blush in this one. All 3 shades are incredibly pigmented, almost to a fault, because you have to be very careful when applying them. You'll see in the swatches below, I only lightly ran my finger across the product and then swatched it with one swipe. Insane.

The first thing I noticed when playing around with it was how soft all 3 shades are! You usually don't get that with baked products, especially drugstore ones, but this stuff is right up there with the Hourglass powders with how soft it is. Seriously.

The highlighter is an almost-white champagne color. Highly shimmery, I think it's safe to say it's almost metallic when it hits the light. This is so, so pretty on the cheekbones, but also extremely easy to over-do it.

Same thing with the blush - gorgeous but almost metallic and highly pigmented.

The bronzer is nice, but not my favorite for the simple fact that it's a little bit too dark for my liking. Again, it's very pigmented and even this has a little shimmer to it. It's not metallic-looking like the highlighter and blush are, but it's not completely matte, either.

For the heck of it I blended the 3 shades together, and the highlighter just wants to take over so it's not really a usable shade, for me anyway.

I hope this was in someway helpful to you guys. At $9, it's a really great, high color payoff face trio for a fraction of what the high end ones can cost. It is one of those things where you have to keep in mind that going overboard with it on your brush is going to make you look crazy, but as long as you use it lightly you won't have any issues!

If you'd like to see me talk more about this product, you can check it out here:

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