Friday, August 29, 2014

Make Up For Ever

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I was really excited when I saw this - I've never owned ANY MUFE shadows, so to pick up 8 of them in one palette was nice. It is a little small, but the shadows are richly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. As far as I know, the shadows in this palette are all the new formula that they recently came out with, so that's nice as well!

Like I said, you get 8 shades in this palette - the left half is more neutral, the right half is more colorful. It also comes with 2 small brushes that aren't that great for much of anything, I would have preferred that they put an eyeliner or something there instead.
You could maybe use them as lip brushes? They're honestly too small for anything else, for my taste anyway!

Make Up For Ever numbers their shadows instead of naming them.
In the first half of the palette we have:
M-536 - a light matte tan
I-524 - a pink champagne
I-550 - a medium brown shimmer
D-652 - a chocolate brown with gold sparkle

For the second half of the palette we have:
ME-728 - a rich metallic gold
ME-230 - a shimmery navy with turquoise sparkle
D-926 - a bright purple with pink and purple sparkles
ME-930 - a deep plum shimmer

The staying power on these shadows is excellent, and like I said, they're all very nicely pigmented so there's no issues there. I'm in love with the purple shade and have been using it a lot, and the matte tan is the perfect crease color. 

The shadows have an awesome texture - they're almost creamy, yet not quite - it's hard to explain!! All I can say is all these swatches were just one little swipe, so you can see how nicely they swatch, and they perform just as well on the eyes. It's a nice little palette if you want to check out some of the new MUFE shadows!

I talk more about the palette in my birthday haul:

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