Monday, July 28, 2014

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

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Oh, Urban Decay and their neutral palettes...did we really need another one? I thought not, but I've really been enjoying this one! I couldn't resist a Pulp Fiction collection, so I had to get SOMETHING from it. I went for the palette because I have enough red lipsticks and nail polishes. I'm sure I have enough neutral palettes too, but a lot of people were comparing this to the Naked Basics, which I don't have (I only have the fake!) so I figured it was worth getting. Let's have a look at it.

The palette itself is black, with the Pulp Fiction and UD logos at the bottom. At the top is a quote of Jules's from the movie.

The back is again, plain black, with "Be cool honey bunny" across the top.

The palette comes with a little card that shows the whole collection on one side...
...and how to get Mia Wallace's look on the other.

The palette is a heavy duty cardboard with a magnetic closure. The inside has a splotchy black and white design, 5 shadow colors (one is a split pan) and a little red brush.

The brush is just a mini, it's not the greatest but then again I have never been a fan of Urban Decay's brushes! I do like the red color, though.

Now for the shades and swatches! Let me just start this by saying that these are the creamiest, smoothest Urban Decay eyeshadows to date. And I own a lot of them! All of the shades except for the off-white one in this palette are matte. 

First is Righteous. This is a matte cream:

Tyranny is a matte tan:

Vengeance is a matte brown:

Furious is a matte black and Anger is a satin off-white:

This palette lets you create a perfect brown smokey eye, but the addition of the black lets you go as dramatic as you want. I'm preeeeetty sure the black is just their "Blackout" shade that they already had, just a super pigmented dark black. I really enjoy that you can easily get a full eye look out of this palette without having to dip into another palette or single shadow. As much as everyone thinks they probably don't need another neutral palette, I do recommend this one for sure!!

You can see my live swatches in this video:

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