Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Coven

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The new Kat Von D lipsticks are finally here! She released 30 shades (even though the release date was originally the 27th, they are already available on the Sephora site) and a lot of them are funky, fun colors. I picked up one of the crazy ones, because lavender lipsticks have been calling to me lately, and this one was a must have. It's called Coven, and it is a true matte lavender.

First, let's talk about the packaging. I believe KVD lipsticks were $19 before, now with the new packaging they run $21, but it is really cool and unique. Even the box has a 3D stud effect on it! The lipstick tube itself is black and has that same studded effect. It isn't overly huge like I thought it would be when I first saw the design, but it is slightly bigger than a lot of other lipsticks I own.

There is a colored sticker on the bottom to match the lipstick shade, and it also has the name on there.

Another look at the packaging, I think it's safe to say it's my coolest looking lipstick tube!

Here is the color - so pretty!
The "KVD" insignia is even engraved on the product itself, which I thought was really neat.

Here it is swatched on my hand, first with flash and then without:

And now...let's talk about the formula. I was expecting a super creamy revamped lipstick formula, so I was a little disappointed in this. While it is a very pigmented lipstick, it goes on feeling quite dry. Now, that could be because it's a matte finish, and now I'm kind of kicking myself because I didn't order one of the other finishes to compare, but I will do that for you guys soon! Since this is the only one I have from the new line, I have to go by what I'm seeing/feeling and it does apply dry. 
That being said, it doesn't seem to dry out my lips, which is a plus. And the new "creme brulee" scent is amazing. It's like a really strong vanilla. I'm hoping that if I try a shimmer or satin finish next time, it'll knock my socks off. For now, this matte one is just "okay."

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