Monday, July 14, 2014

Kat Von D Launches 30 new Studded Kiss Lipsticks!

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Remember waaay back when I posted pictures of the new Kat Von D lipstick tubes? Well they were supposed to be coming out for fall, which meant a July 27th release date, but they are up on the Sephora site right now! Here is a look at all of the colors - a lot of them are previous colors with the new formula and new packaging, but there are quite a few new beauties as well! Um, can we say lavender?? They also have a "creme brulee" scent, which I'm hoping is like the old Urban Decay Pocket Rocket glosses, 'cause I LOVED those! Although I know a lot of people weren't crazy about that scent, so we shall see...

Noble, a matte petal pink

Agatha, a matte pink nude

Lovecraft, a matte berry beige

Lolita, a matte dusty rose

Cathedral, a matte cocoa rose

L'ecole Des Femmes, a matte salmon pink

A Go Go, a matte bright orange

Countess, a matte hot coral red

Adora, a metallic candy apple red

Underage Red, a matte bright crimson

Hexagram, a matte blood red

Archangel, a matte rusty red

Hellbent, a matte fire engine red

Bachelorette, a matte dark reddish fuchsia

Backstage Bambi, a matte vivid hot pink

Sexer, a matte fluorescent pink - this says matte but it looks like it has glitter?

Lullabye, a matte magenta violet - also looks like it has glitter so maybe the Sephora site goofed?

L.U.V, a matte rich violet

Wonderchilde, an iridescent neon lilac

Coven, a matte lavender

Wolvesmouth, a metallic berry

Prayer, a matte deep mauve

Bauhau5, a matte deep raspberry (if you have Mau5, this is the same thing - she changed the name because she's no longer engaged to DeadMau5 lol)

Vampira, a matte deep reddish burgundy

Homegirl, a matte black cherry

Motorhead, a matte black red

Poe, a shimmering navy

Slayer, a matte pitch black

Thin Lizzy, a sparkling brick copper

Gothica, a shimmering bronze

I am super excited to check out the new formula and I ordered Coven first so I can play with it! That was the one I wanted most when I saw the preview pictures. I feel like these are going to be creamier ... I also love the new packaging even though it's not silver like I was hoping. Also, the lipstick itself has the KVD insignia right on the product which is pretty cool!  More to come when I have it in my hands and can try it for you guys!

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