Sunday, May 25, 2014

MAC Pet Me, Please Lipstick from the Alluring Aquatic Collection

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Everything in the Alluring Aquatic collection is so, so pretty due to the packaging! We haven't seen MAC do some really cool limited edition packaging in quite a while, but I think this takes the cake for the coolest packaging out of pretty much any MAC item that I own! When pictures were first released, I thought that they had just splashed the aqua packaging with water, but no - those are actually little 3D water droplets on there!

The one lipstick I got from the collection was Pet Me, Please. This was the one color from the collection that wasn't brand new, as it was released with the Fabulous Feline collection back in 2010.
This is a Frost finish, and is a champagne-pink color. It totally surprised me that this was at the top of my list of things to get from this collection, because I hate frosty lipsticks on me. For some reason I just found it gorgeous and decided to give it a try. I actually love it!

As you can see, it looks more pink in the photo with no flash:
But on the lips - well, on my lips anyway - it's not super pink. It's a really light, nice color for the summer time. It is decently smooth and applies nicely, and it's pretty pigmented for being a light, frosty shade. (Please ignore my dry lips in these photos!)
Like I said, I normally hate frosty lipsticks. They always look very 80s - not that I'm hating on the e80s, I'm an 80s baby! But I just don't like the dated look it gives. For some reason this one being frosty doesn't bother me in the least. Very glad that I picked this one up and didn't pass on it!

I talk about the lipstick in my haul video:

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