Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Laura Gellar Blush + Brighten in Dreamsicle

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I picked up this Laura Geller Blush + Brighten the last time her stuff was on Hautelook, and I was so excited that I nabbed it this time. I usually get there too late and this color is always sold out. This time it was on hold in someone else's cart, but I guess they ended up not purchasing it because when I refreshed the page, it was available!

It looks kind of crazy, and maybe that's what drew me in - but it's so pretty! It's got swirls of yellow and peachy-pink that blend together to make a perfect peach blush.

There's really no shimmer to it, which is nice because you can always add a bit of shimmer to it with an Hourglass powder or a highlighter if you'd like. Here it is with and without flash for a closer look:

I swatched the yellow, the pink, and then the 2 blended together:
And here I blended it on the left and did a heavy swatch on the right. No flash:

In my opinion, it is a perfect peach color for the summer time. It is very pigmented though, so you have to go light-handed when applying it. It blends amazingly, which I was very impressed with. Sometimes swirled powders like this can apply patchy if you just slap them on, but this one is pretty effortless. Laura Geller products are on Hautelook A LOT and if you're already signed up they usually send you an email each morning letting you know what sales are on for the day. If you're not signed up, you can sign up here so you don't miss out on the deals! Like I've said before, their shipping is kind of slow but to get Laura Geller, LORAC, The Balm, etc. for such cheap prices it is worth it!

See me talk about the blush more in my haul video:

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