Sunday, May 18, 2014

MAC Maleficent Beauty Powder in Natural

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This was a collection that I was so excited for, and then disappointed with when they finally released pictures of all the products. I get that they were going for more the Angelina Jolie Maleficent for the new movie, but a liiiiitle bit more color in the collection would have been nice. Nevertheless, I wanted to pick up something from it so I went for the thing I figured I would get the most use out of - the beauty powder. I ended up with something I wasn't expecting to love, but do!

A lot of people didn't like the packaging for the collection but I think it's pretty cool - it's just black with wings on it and says "Maleficent" across the front. It does tend to pick up fingerprints pretty easily, but other than that it's pretty!

Natural is a slightly pink-toned powder with an almost undetectable shimmer in it.

Here it is with flash:

And without flash:
*In the swatches I blended it out on the left side and did a heavier swatch on the right.

This powder is smooth, finely milled, and feels nice on the skin. For pale skin tones like me, you can definitely use it as an all-over face powder - which is pretty much how I've been using it since I got it. The shimmer that is in it is pretty much unnoticeable if you're just dusting it on your face. I can't really use it as a highlighter because I usually like a shimmery highlight and for it to be a little more noticeable, but this one barely shows up on me if I try to use it as that. I do think it would work well as a highlighter on darker skin tones. I do think they should have released a few different shades of the beauty powder to suit everyone.

So why have I been loving it? It definitely brightens up my face when I wear it. It kind of has the effect of an Hourglass face powder, where it gives you that "inner glow." Like I said, not everyone is going to like it as an all-over powder unless you're pale like me, but I do love it for that. At the time I'm posting this, it is still available on the MAC website, so if you're wanting to check it out I would grab it now before it's gone!

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