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Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

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I am sure glad Urban Decay didn't make us wait too long in between the time they announced this palette and the time they actually released it, because boy was I excited when I heard about it!! Color was the reason I fell in love with Urban Decay in the first place, so all the Naked stuff, while gorgeous, has been seeming kind of blah to me lately. To have them come out with a palette that is full of bright, fun colors just makes me overjoyed! Let's have a look at it shall we?

The outer box has the same funky, colorful design that the palette itself has. On the back of the box, it shows you the shades that are inside.
Front of the palette:
The palette is made of plastic, but feels very sturdy. It has a nice magnetic closure and a huge mirror on the inside of the lid:
It also comes with a double sided brush - it is black with purple bristles. Though I've never been a fan of Urban Decay brushes, this one is pretty decent.
One end is a shadow brush:
The other end is more of a smudger/liner brush:

So now for the colors! This palette has 10 colors and 4 of them are not FDA approved for use in the immediate eye area. This has been a huge debate and I will put in my two cents about it: I have used all of the colors on my eyes since I got this palette and have not experienced any irritation. That's not to say someone with sensitive eyes will be so lucky - use them sparingly until you know how your eyes are going to react. The whole FDA approved thing is just to cover themselves in case someone happened to have a reaction to one of the colors, but these neon type colors have had the same warnings from other companies for a while now. Remember the Sleek Acid palette? Yeah, you can't have it shipped to the US anymore because while the colors are approved over in Europe, they still aren't FDA approved here. Doesn't make much sense, but what I'm trying to say is, the Electric palette is not going to do much harm. And by the way, the colors in it that I'm referring to are Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban.

Revolt, a metallic silver:
Revolt is not a new color - it was originally found in the Anarchy Face Case. I find that this one takes some building up, but is a very strong metallic silver shadow.

Gonzo, a bright blue with slight shimmer:
At first glance I thought this was a matte shade, but no it has slight shimmer to it and it's safe to say this is one of the brightest blues I've ever seen without it being chalky!

Slowburn, a reddish orange with slight shimmer:
This is definitely an orange I needed in my collection. Extremely pigmented, very bright. Again, this one has a little bit of silvery sparkle to it, but the sparkle doesn't transfer much when applied.

Savage, a bright hot pink matte:
Savage is strikingly similar to Sugarpill's Dollipop. I love this color, you can never have too many pinks!

Fringe, a metallic turquoise:
This is the last color in the top row. I'm glad they included a darker turquoise color like this, it gives you more options than just neons when it comes to creating looks with the palette.

Chaos, a cobalt blue matte base with silver shimmer:
This is another shade that isn't brand new - it was in the first Vice palette a couple years ago. BUT, this was the color that always made me regret not getting that palette!! It looks matte but actually has some silver shimmers in it. However, this is also the color I was most disappointed in - it applies pretty patchy but with a good base it really pops. It's just one of those colors that needs some extra love to get it working right!

Jilted, a pinky-purple with slight blue sheen:
This color reminds me of a deeper, darker version of their Fishnet shadow, which I always loved. It is like a better version of that!

Urban, a rich, bright purple:
Of course Urban would be purple, everything Urban Decay related is purple! This is one of my favorites in the palette. It is so richly pigmented and such a unique purple. I have about a bazillion purple shadows, but none like this!

Freak, a shimmery lime green with gold sheen:
My other favorite in this palette, Freak is one of my favorite eyeliner shades EVER, so when I heard that it was going to be in eyeshadow form in this palette, it made me even more excited to get it. I absolutely love this color and will be using it a ton this spring and summer!!

Thrash, a yellowy lime with gold shimmer:
Most people are saying they wish this color was more yellow, just to have a whole rainbow of colors in the palette, but I think this one works nicely. A bright yellow from Urban Decay would be fun in the future though!

Here's a bunch of swatches!
Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe

Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash

A few of the shades do tend to stain but it's nothing major if you use a good primer and base with them. They are incredibly pigmented, so a little staining is expected. The ones I found stain the most are the ones that are "not approved" for the eye area - Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban. 

There's not much to say other than I am in love with the colors in the palette and I'm extremely happy with it! Like I said, the only issue is Chaos, but even that is fixable with a base and a little extra love. If you are a fan of color, you need this in your life. Even if you're a more neutral color person, this would be great to have in your collection because then you'll have pretty much every pop of color you'll ever need - it's always fun to put a bright color on the lower lash line with a neutral look!

I love it, I hope you guys will love it too - please share your thoughts if you've already been playing with it!!

You can also check out the first impressions video I made here:

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