Saturday, April 19, 2014

MAC For Your Amusement Casual Colour From the Playland Collection

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I was really excited when I first heard about the Playland collection. Bright lipsticks, lipglasses, etc. But it kept getting pushed back and I lost interest in everything I originally wanted...I swear, I have a love/hate relationship with MAC because of how they handle collection releases lol. Nevertheless, I had never tried a Casual Colour before and For Your Amusement seemed like it was right up my alley.

If you've never heard of them before, Casual Colours come in a pot like a lip balm, and can be used as lip or cheek color. They have the same vanilla scent as the MAC lipsticks do, so I feel weird putting it on my cheeks - not to mention, it doesn't work well with my oily skin using it as a blush. I do, however, love the color on my lips!
It is a pale peachy-pink and I think I will get a lot of use out of it this spring/summer. It feels smooth and applies nicely, though I expected the product itself to be softer - you can try to smush your finger into it, but it is so firm it won't even dent it.
Wear time on the lips isn't incredibly long - I compare it to a good lipgloss, really. However, I do enjoy blending it with other lipsticks that I have to lighten them up a bit. It does provide a little bit of moisture and feels nice when I wear it alone. It packs a good amount of color considering it looks like a lip balm, but it's not completely opaque, which is why I like to blend it with more opaque lipsticks.
I think the Casual Colours are a great idea, especially if they work well for you as a blush. I think it would be fun to try a dark berry shade, but sadly there were only 3 shades in this collection and the other 2 were bright. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they come out with new ones in future collections! 

There's so many collections from MAC that I'm excited about coming up, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I know how they are when it comes to stuff selling out ridiculously fast/not being able to get through on their website when things go live. I actually got this Casual Colour from the Nordstrom site because they released everything one by one and it was a lot more organized. I'm looking forward to the Proenza Schouler collection, but I mainly want one of the ombre blushes - and that collection has been pushed back as well, due to a supposed issue with the production of the blushes. After that I'm interested in a few things from the Alluring Aquatic collection, and am hoping that one doesn't get pushed back as well. And the one I'm most excited for is the Kelly and Sharon Osbourne collection, because the lipsticks look like they are to die for!!!

Okay, that's enough of my MAC rambling - hope you guys enjoyed the review and remember, you can follow for more updates and posts with Bloglovin'!

I mention the Casual Colour in this haul video:

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