Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara

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One of the new things in Kat Von D's makeup line is the Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara. I was wondering how I would like it upon seeing the weird looking wand that it has, but this has proven to be a winner for me! Let's have a look...

The packaging, like with all Kat Von D products, is gorgeous. The tube is black and it has red metallic roses on the bottom half, with the Kat Von D insignia on the cap.
The unique-ness of this mascara comes in the wand. It is modeled after a rose stem, according to Kat. The tip of it has that ball look that a lot of mascaras have, but then it thins out and has a spiral of little rubber spikes. 
This wand makes it really easy to grab and coat all your lashes, including the tiny ones on the inner corners of the eyes. What I notice most is that it is a very natural looking mascara. It doesn't put a ton of product on your lashes, and also doesn't give too much volume. But it definitely lengthens and gives a noticeable difference.

Here are my lashes before applying the mascara:
And here they are with mascara on the top lashes:
Side by side...nothing on my right eye, mascara on the left eyes' top lashes:

I have really been loving this mascara. It doesn't clump at all, lasts all day and doesn't flake one bit. It's really nice if you need a lengthening mascara, because it's pretty much perfect for that. The 24 hour thing, I don't know why companies do that because really, how often do you need mascara to last for 24 hours? I know I don't sleep in my makeup and don't know anyone who does, so it's really not necessary! But as far as lasting and not flaking off, it gets two thumbs up for that!

Check out my demo video here showing you how the mascara applies:

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