Saturday, March 29, 2014

Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner in Perversion

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When I was ordered the Electric Palette (which I will review soon, still busy playing with it!) I put this in my cart as well, because I was really excited for a new cream liner from Urban Decay. If you remember their "Ink For Eyes" cream liner, the one that was in a long coffin-shaped container, that was one of my absolute favorites. This is like a blacker, creamier version of that one!

I love the little pot that it comes in, it's pretty similar to a MAC paint pot but this one is cooler looking. It has that gunmetal colored lid with the "UD" logo on it, which looks really nice.
The bottom half of it is clear so you can see the product...which got me thinking, I hope they come out with more colors of these babies in the future! It will be easy to tell which one is which when you store them, if that is the case.

The lid is a twist-off but it seems to be easy to tighten well, so I am hoping this product won't dry out too fast. I have had that happen with cream and gel liners in the past, and it's such a waste. However, I never had an issue with the Ink For Eyes one so I am thinking this will be fine as well.

Urban Decay came out with an angled brush to go with this liner, but I rarely use an angled brush to apply my liner, nor am I a big fan of UD's brushes, so I skipped it. I enjoy applying cream liners with my Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush. A lot of brands make these, including e.l.f, but I always grab for my Sonia Kashuk one. That is what I applied these swatches with:
As you can see, the liner is blacker than black! I am very happy with how dark it is. It is so creamy that it applies nicely without having to dip into the product a bunch of times. You can get really precise with it and it gives you a lot of smudge time before it finally sets, so it is one of the easiest liners I have ever worked with. At first I was worried about its lasting power, simply because it didn't seem like it was going to set and stay put, but it does indeed last all day and you can do some really dramatic or really simple liner effects with it.

The downside to this is the price. $22 is insane for an eyeliner. Granted you get a good amount of product (3g) and a little goes a long way, so this is going to last you forever. The makeup junkie in me says that is a valid reason LOL. Anyway, I have been loving this so far and definitely recommend it if you've been searching for a good cream liner. I missed my Ink For Eyes one so much (I still have the packaging because it was so unique haha) and this one is just a more awesome longer lasting version of it!!

You can see my first impressions video here:

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