Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maybelline Limited Edition Master Hi-Light Blush in Natural from the Dare To Go Nude Collection

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This was the only thing that I was really wanting from the Dare To Go Nude collection, and of course I couldn't find the collection anywhere. I ended up getting it off eBay instead. This is the only Master Hi-Light in the collection, and it is gorgeous!

It looks like it might be darker than it really is - as a matter of fact I use this more as a highlighter than anything else. I have been loving the other Master Hi-Lights that I have, but I think this one is my favorite so far and I'm glad I hunted it down.
As with the others, you get 4 inter-laced shades, all shimmery. There is a light shimmery cream, a light tan, a golden brown and a darker brown. Here are swatches of the shades separately:
And here they are all blended together:
It just turns into such a pretty, true golden champagne shimmer. It definitely catches the light and gives you an awesome glow, probably more so than the other Master Hi-Lights I've tried so far. If you spot this I would definitely not pass it up - and of course, there's always eBay!

I talk more about it in this video:

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