Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Armageddon

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When the new Kat Von D liquid lipsticks came out, I had a hard time deciding which to get first. I finally settled on Armageddon, as this is the only new color that wasn't out in the normal KVD lipstick formula back when the Spellbinding lipstick set came out around the holidays. So technically, this is the one color I haven't tried because I have all the others in mini form.

Armageddon is a blue based baby pink - it's one of those that looks very lavender-hued in certain lighting and very pink in others.
The new packaging is great - very sleek and I love the design on it. If you weren't a fan of the cheap feeling plastic tubes before, they have definitely fixed that with sturdier tubes. They are also longer than they used to be - they were .18oz in the old packaging and .22oz in this new packaging.
The applicator is the average doe foot - it's small enough that you can get pretty precise with it though. The one thing with these lipsticks is that they are SO pigmented that you need to apply them carefully. Once they set, they are set for the day - I love them so much!
They haven't changed the formula which is awesome - still the same crazy pigmented, opaque liquid lipsticks. When lipstick lines get relaunched/redesigned I always worry about formula changes and such. This wasn't the case with these - I have raved about these lipsticks so many times that you are all probably sick of me saying it by now, but these seriously don't get enough hype in the beauty community. You can eat, drink, do pretty much anything and still have the color on your lips be vibrant at the end of the day.

Perfection in a liquid lip color.

See what I mean about different lighting making the color look totally different? The first picture is in front of my daylight lighting with no camera flash - the second is using my camera flash.

I absolutely love the color and definitely recommend it for any fellow baby pink lipstick lovers. At $19 a pop these lipsticks are kind of an investment, but well worth it. A tiny bit goes a long way and you get enough product in these to last quite a while, even with every day use. These remain my favorite liquid lipsticks, hands down!!

You can check out my recent haul video for more info!

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