Friday, January 31, 2014

Rediscovered Products!

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Wow, I actually uploaded a video on the same day that I filmed it? Craziness!! 

I've been slacking with that the past few weeks so everything I've uploaded has been pre-recorded. I'm finally caught up, and today I bring you some products that I have rediscovered, and some that I didn't like so much at first but grew to love. *coughOlayShineShineGoAwayCleansercough* I know I HATED that stuff when I first got it, but I explain it all in the video!

*Note: I moved my setup around again, hence the dumb sheet hanging behind me. That's not permanent. Also, I'm going to move my lighting because I didn't realize until editing that they were glaring on my glasses. The struggle of wearing glasses, I swear! Ugh! I filmed this and another video like this, but it will be fixed the next time you see one after that :D

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