Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Fairly Precious

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Hey guys! I've been sick the past few days so luckily I had already taken photos of my recent MAC purchases when I got them in the mail. Today I'm reviewing the Extra Dimension Skin Finish from the Magnetic Nude collection in the color Fairly Precious.

This was a collection I could have gone nuts with, but I limited myself to one thing. I loved the lipsticks but I have so many dupes already in my collection. The one thing I had my heart set on was a skin finish, because they always get so much hype. Now these aren't the "Mineralize Skin Finishes," the ones in this collection are the "Extra Dimension Skin Finishes." With a lot of the Mineralize ones, they can be used over the whole face. This one is far too shimmery and pigmented to do that!
Fairly Precious is a peachy shimmer. The product itself is just so pretty to look at!
Here it is lightly swatched on my finger. It is pretty metallic when heavily swatched! I have heard the other 2 colors in the collection are the same, though one is lighter and more of a highlight shade, and the other is darker than this one.
With this one, I think you can get away with using it as a highlighter if you go VERY light-handed with it. Otherwise, it's too pigmented and will look odd if you put it on spots where you normally highlight your face. I actually love it as a shimmery blush - it totally makes your cheeks look awesome and gives you that healthy glow. I have even used it over some of my blushes and it works great that way as well!
In these pictures, I am wearing it lightly on my cheeks. I really love the look it gives especially when I use my Kat Von D foundation! This is pretty much my new favorite combo for flawless looking face makeup - the Kat Von D foundation and the Fairly Precious Skin Finish! (Ignore the fact that I hadn't done my brows yet haha)

I made a video featuring the skin finish here:

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