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Kat Von D Spellbinding Lipstick Set

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I finally broke down and bought the Kat Von D Spellbinding Lipstick set - I saw it at Sephora and there was only one left and I just had to have it. There is a great color variety in this set and Kat Von D products seem to be the most popular reviews that I do here on my blog, so I hope you guys will enjoy! I killed my lips swatching all 10 shades so if they look a little red in the last few pictures, that's why!
The Spellbinding Lipstick Set comes with 10 shades (her former holiday mini lipstick sets contained 6) and there is everything from hot pink to deep burgundy. The mini lipsticks are 1.2g where the full sizes are 3g. So they're about a third of the size of a full size one. But a little goes a long way with them so believe me, the minis last a while!
The packaging is just like the artwork on the Spellbinding Book of Shadows that came out the same time this set was released, so it all ties together. The back shows all the shade names and colors.

The first color is one that has been included in several sets before, Backstage Bambi. It is the epitome of hot pink!

Next is Lovecraft, described as a berry beige. This is a pretty dupe-able color, but considering the set as a whole, it's nice to have in there with the crazy colors:

Then we have Thin Lizzy, the only metallic shade in the set. It is a metallic rusty red. Her metallic shades always have a dry texture, which is the only bummer about them. Most lipsticks lines it's the opposite - mattes are dry while all other shades are moisturizing. Go figure!:

Underage Red is one of the first lipsticks that came out in the KVD line and it is a staple red shade that everyone should have!

Ritual is described as "terracotta suntan." Or, more simply, a nudey-beige color:

Mau5 is a deep pinky-purple shade. This one is really fun and a good way to wear a purplish lip if you're not comfortable with total purple/violet:

A Go-Go is described as "reddish coral" but it is a straight-up bright orange! I love the idea of this color but thinks it looks awful on me!

L.U.V. is a rich violet. This is the only one that you need to work with, as it can apply patchy. Still a really pretty color (and also, this is the point where my lips were getting irritated from all the applying/wiping/re-applying haha):

Bachelorette  is a dark, fuchsia-pink. This is a pretty close dupe for MAC's Pleasure Bomb from the Rihanna collectuon!

Vampira is a deep reddish burgundy. This is a very vampy, dark shade and very "fall" appropriate! I found with this one you have to be extra careful applying it, because it is so pigmented:

The only shimmery shade in this set is Thin Lizzy, which is good because I tend to go for creams and mattes instead of shimmers when it comes to lipsticks anyway. And also because the metallic colors in the Kat Von D lipstick line tend to be dry. I have the full size of Valentine I believe it's called, and it's so dry I can't get any color to apply evenly to my lips - yet I also have Forever and Never and that one is fine, so maybe it's a matter of the different formulas for different shades? Beats me, all I can say is that the metallic ones are drier than the regular line.

Aside from that one metallic shade, all the other colors are creamy and long lasting. L.U.V. is the only one that causes issues, as it tends to apply patchy but going over it a few times will remedy that. I think it's a great set and has an awesome variety of colors! Sorry I was so late reviewing this, I hope you guys are still able to get your hands on it!!

I talk about the lipstick set in this video:

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